Mrs and Mr Tiwari CEO, Kundan Soap

Our experience with Mr. Taarun is exceptionally wonderful. Extremely gifted Astrologer and Numerologist. Highly recommend to consult.

Mrs and Mr Pankaj Garg Owner, PG Jewels

Like father, like son. I wish you all the success today and always. Keep up the good work.

Prof Mukesh Khare IIT Delhi

Pandit Bhole Shanker Sharma is one of the most accurate and precise predictors. Even if you have lack of data on your birth chart, he is able to tell you astonishing facts and accurately tell the future with certain remedial measures. I strongly recommend to consult Pandit Ji at Agra if you have any issues.

Mr. Lalit Chauhan Senior Lecturer, Sri Chaitanya, Vijayawada

Taarun Bharaadwaj ji is a gem of a person. He is torchbearer of the fact what truly our Vedic culture is capable of. I never believed in Astrology out of my negligence .my limited scientific knowledge and my exposure to western ideas was biggest hindrance in understanding our ancient and powerful culture. But all this changed after meeting Taarun ji. Accuracy of his predictions is overwhelming. And the solutions he recommends for the problems and their tremendous soothing effects is definitely divine. I’m lucky and blessed to have him in my life, especially in these highly uncertain times where the problems come in tons. Taarun ji u r doing a great job of connecting the people with the divinity. Keep on lighting the candle 🕯 of hope in our lives.

Mr. Yanni Kalra Property Dealer

Probably the best astrologer I’ve come across His predictions are up to the point and a very humble person at the same time.

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Co-owner, Spades Network & Solution Pvt Ltd

Today I met Taarun ji who got a person of good personality in real life, whatever negative energy was there in me changed, in which Taarun Ji told me some details related to my life so that I am completely satisfied. Thanks sir, you have shown us a new path.

Mrs and Mr Mangal Mangal Associates

Really feel relaxed and positive his predictions, remedies along with specific tips all works well for us. The way he explained about each tarot and their effects is truly remarkable.

Naresh Saroch Area Sales Manager, Kokuyo Camlin

If you are going through any problem, then you should definitely consult Taarun ji. He will not only tell the reason behind your problems but also suggest the perfect solution of it. He is the best man to consult regarding Astrology and Numerology.

Mr. Surendra Kumar Sharma Retd Head TT, Indian Railway

I would personally recommend Mr. Taarun Bharaadwaj as he is extremely knowledgeable, considerate about the customer, friendly and wholeheartedly listen and respond towards your issues.

Mr. Nikhil Mishra Owner, Vinayak Cosmetics

Best Astrologer available in Agra, having sound knowledge of the field and provides accurate predictions and remedies to all your worries. I completely trust him and his predictions and would strongly recommend that if you are facing trouble in your life you must consult him once.

Mr. Dheeraj Sharma Owner, RMS Engineering & Electrical Works

I used my name as Dheraj earlier but as per Taarun Ji suggestion I’m started using my name as Dheeraj since then there was no looking back. Thank you so much for renovating my life.

Mr. Anurag Agarwal Chief Accountant, Double Tree by Hilton, Agra

Really awesome meeting with great astrologer. He helped me out to get rid all of my solutions. He has depth of knowledge in astrology with clear communication, maturity in providing inputs and accuracy in prediction. My strongly recommendation for anyone who is looking for advice.

Mr. Prithvi Saaraswat Owner, Saaraswat Corp

I always remember you Dr Sahab because I see many positive changes in my life just by adding an extra A in my last name and your almost all predictions are absolutely correct especially in my court case so thank you and my best wishes are with you, always.

Mr. Tarun Sharma Area Sales Manager, INTAS

Excellent predictions. I can't believe that in comparatively medium age his predictions are word to word correct. Nobody in Agra can stand in his comparison whether it is Astrology, Numerology or Tarot.

Ms. Monika Agarwal Accounts, Raddison Agra

A young astrologer with highly perfect skills and great knowledge. If you will visit him, you will be fully satisfied with the solutions and suggestions he give. you must visit once and then you will feel the power of Astrology & Numerology.

Mr. Anurag Ashok Agarwal Owner, Global Forex

Most knowledgeable, generous, very flexible and intelligent.

Ms. Meghna Arora BrainoBrain International

Lots n lots of Gratitude for guiding us the best in every thick & thin of ours.

Ms. Anamika Ananta Boutique

Astroadhyaay is the best way to get solutions to your queries related to future. They have a very nice way to consulting, very generous and especially not running after money (which most of the institutions done). I strongly recommend to those who are going through difficult times.

Mr. Gaurav Shukla Owner, Gaurav Communications

My experience is too good, it’s amazing

Ms. Shalu Homemaker

Middle age with large experience is a name of Dr. Taarun Bhaaradwaj. Thank you so much for your guidance.